The experienced team at My Tamarac Dentist removes your wisdom teeth while you’re under sedation, so you don’t feel any discomfort during the procedure.

Your dental specialist begins your procedure by cutting through any gum or bone that may be blocking your wisdom tooth, and then the tooth is removed. In some cases, the tooth may be broken up into pieces to make extraction easier.

Following removal of your wisdom tooth, your incision is closed and you’re placed in the recovery area. Due to the types of sedation used for a root canal, your specialist at My Tamarac Dentist recommends you have someone help you home after the procedure.

After your procedure, your dental specialist provides guidelines on how to take care of your wound, which may include modifications to your diet. You may also be advised not to drink from a straw or smoke cigarettes following your wisdom tooth extraction, because the suction action may hinder the healing of your wound.

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